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Location based Dating app

S.W.A.S.S. Entertainment is a start-up, with goals to have a leading market share in Android and iPhone application markets. Covalense developed for a location-based dating mobile application – The Mix – both for Android and iOS platforms


The application is related to dating – which enables guys n girls to find each other who are interested in hook-up for a date, with the following objectives:

  • The application must be designed to operate on iOS or Android based smart phones
  • The application should be downloadable by public easily, at a cost
  • The application should provide single people (within a short range of each other) a means to locate, meet and date easily. The application should allow people regardless of their status to locate, meet and date easily.
  • The application should be designed to turn on / off at any point of time. The application should enable public to view profile and exchange messages, when the application is turned on, of other people in the pre-set (configurable) range / proximity


  • Enable real-time communication (messaging) between application users who are in the set proximity
  • A process of calculating the user vicinity (proximity) when they are on move and update on their availability to users in communication
  • Build the user lists on the fly
  • Identify the user locations in Map
  • Block / Un-block users in real-time
  • Poll turn on / off
  • Develop app both in Android and iOS platforms


  • Develop UI, Develop native code and Map Components
  • Develop server components for capturing the location parameters from devices, maintenance of user lists in proximity, blocked lists, polled off lists, mediate between devices (users) and configure proximity
  • Conduct testing, identify and fix bugs
  • Deploy the application in respective application stores to make it live and provide support


  • Designed database to store and maintain the user lists – users in proximity, blocked users and poll turned off users
  • Provided registration and login authentication
  • Used the XMPP protocol for real-time communication
  • Used the built-in PEP protocol for capturing the Geo-location parameters
  • Handle connectivity issues and auto-populate the lists in proximity on connection